On the professional side

Compassionate, energetic and inspiring speaker

My background: communication & theatre
My professional career begins in Reunion Island where I was responsible for the Regional Council’s communications. At the same time, on evenings and weekends in addition to my work, I provided coaching as a professional actor. At 30 years old, I pass both the Public service and the Conservatoire de Théâtre exams. I then had to make a difficult decision: communication consultant or actor? Rather than “or”, I prefer the “and” which led me to follow another path that allows me to bring the two together: coaching. It’s 2001.
VIP coaching: journalists, TV hosts, executives
I go back to Paris to join a media and television consulting company (IMCA) by Pascal Josèphe’s side. Surrounded by a team of experts, I lead ACTA: the Coaching Workshop and Facilitator Training. I then train myself in a wide range of coaching tools: NLP, emotional intelligence, body techniques, etc. At 33 years old, I decide to create my own company with a simple and noble vision: to put all these tools at the service of leaders but as also large audiences of people through conferences and seminars.
International speaker
Since 2005, I have been involved in conferences, team seminars in France and abroad. I provide talks in both French and English for large media groups (Canal+, Prisma Media, Radio France and Havas), Luxury (Chanel, Dior and Givenchy), Construction (Bouygues, Vinci), Automotive (Audi, Renault-Nissan) but also Digital companies (Ubisoft, Idemia, Bouygues Télécom) but also for smaller structures or groups. I also accompanied the speakers of Paris 2024 with their speeches.
Author of the book Image and Self-Image, I’m also an expert for the APM: I have supported 1,500 executives. Member of the Académie Francophone des Auteurs et Conférenciers (Aface.com) and the French and International Association of Speakers Professionals (afcp.com), I’ve been invited to speak in many countries: Dubai, Hong Kong, China in particular.

On a personal note

I live with my family in a small village in the heart of the Alpilles Natural Park (Eygalières). Originally from America, my wife Sabrina SADEGHI MILLÉCAMPS created a yoga center called YOGASTREMY. Inspired by the power of nature, I’m developing a new type of seminar and retreat in the heart of Provence and elsewhere.

Bilingual French & English speaker

I provide you with innovative conferences, during which I give you advice but also my energy to engage your teams in a sustainable way.

Team seminar leader & team builder

I lead team seminars and create tailor-made team building sessions, according to your expectations and needs, for maximum efficiency and shared gratification.

Author of the book Image & Self Image

With this first book published by DUNOD Editions, I offer you time for reflection and practical exercises to control your public image and enhance your self-image.

My advice on public speaking

Training available on the Albert Académie

We don’t get the opportunity to make a good first impression twice. So, you might give your best at the very first moment. Public speaking professionals have simple and practical tips to implement immediately. Making your image an asset, without falling into traps, means knowing yourself even better to gain confidence and manage your emotions. Learn more about my lesson.