Image & self image

A book by Sébastien Millécamps

Make your image a professional asset

Job interview, sales meeting, team meeting, public speaking… We’re all exposed, even more so with social networks that allow everyone to have a public image. In this first book by DUNOD Editions, I give you the keys to become aware of the importance of image and self-image in order to control and to value it.

Did you know that our image echoes the image we have of ourselves? To ring true, these two dimensions, outer and inner, must be in phase. The control of the image and the image of oneself is essential if we consider the influence of Internet and social networks: if they make it possible to easily build a public image, this must serve our professional goals.

This book offers tools and techniques to become aware of the importance of what the others see about us (image); what we see about ourselves (self-image); assets that we have in hand; and the energy that image conveys. Step by step, I propose times for reflection, applications and drills.


This book offers you several moments of reflection and analysis to better understand the importance of the image in our social and intimate life.


Each chapter of this book is illustrated with self-assessment exercises to do at home.


This book is full of examples, testimonials, methods and tools to mentally prepare yourself to improve your image.

With one eye, observe the outside world,
from the other, to look deep inside oneself.

Amedeo Modigliani
A Painting Genius